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What warfighters operating at the tactical edge need

Our joint interoperable mission applications feature automatic connectivity, 清晰的声音, 高数据容量和弹性.

Viasat has created a portfolio of solutions for integrated tactical networking designed to provide secure and 有弹性的 communications to the warfighter operating far from home. Our solutions are capable of being set up and maintained autonomously, so personnel can focus on missions at hand as opposed to troubleshooting connectivity problems: 

  • Networks have intuitive, open interfaces
  • 安全可靠的连接
  • Handles complexities of various technologies
3 men in a room using a tactical communications to monitor a mission

Responding to calls for increased connectivity

Offering a wide range of solutions, Viasat components feature SDN routers, 多路径连接, 网络安全和电子战传感, 安全的多域技术, 混合云技术, network and radio orchestration tools, 以及基于AI/ ml的引擎.


  • Commercial and military 卫星通信 constellations
  • Link 16 next-generation tactical data links
  • Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs); Free 空间 Optics (FSO)
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity; plus 4G/LTE and 5G networks

The connected battlespace begins here

The ability to establish and maintain tactical communications remains a critical requirement for any armed force executing their mission. 设计成一个真正的“智能”系统, 被保险人, 有弹性的, integrated network concept comprises a forward-compatible solution capable of supporting the critical connectivity requirements of armed forces operating at the edge today.

3 military men dressed in combat gear on watch on top of a rocky hill with a helicopter flying overhead

Explore Integrated Tactical Network products

  • 自由空间光学

    Designed to deliver high-performance and 有弹性的 connectivity in contested environments, Viasat's Mercury 自由空间光学 Communications terminal is an expeditionary, high-capacity link offering military operators LPI/LPD connectivity at the quick-halt. 

  • 核磁共振-4650的产品图像

    Get increased resiliency in the tactical environment. Viasat’s NetAgility™ technology communicates directly with radios for management and real-time adaption to constantly changing link status and EW intelligence.


  • 战术边缘连接

    The Secure Wireless Hub (SWH) offers integrated and modular mission communications, 计算, 以及边缘用户的安全性. The versatile body-worn system utilizes Viasat’s NetAgility™ to provide advanced networking capabilities.

  • Product image of military grade laptop displaying the mobile dynamic defense (MDD) solution

    Mobile Dynamic 国防 (MDD) is a solution like no other, designed specifically for the very unique demands of tactical, tactical enterprise and government operations. 

  • Product image of the Viasat BAT-600 Multi-Mission Terminal (MTT) utilized in tactical communications

    Quickly provide broadband IP access at any location with the rapidly deployable Viasat BAT-600 Multi-Mission Terminal (MMT). This portable flyaway terminal is ideal for Forward Operating Bases & 紧急行动.

  • Product image of the Viasat KG-250XS Inline Network Encryptor (INE)

    The Viasat KG-250XS is a Type 1 Inline Network Encryptor (INE) ideal for telecommuting, 不合身的套装, 小型无人机, and other dismounted or field applications.

Explore Integrated Tactical Network solutions & 服务

  • Silhouettes of 3 solders againt the night sky

    Viasat ELITE Communications systems provide a flexible, 有弹性的 and secure open architecture-based and application platform to the warfighter at all echelons and CONOPS.

  • Fighter jet on the runway of a ship at sea and a helicopter flying in the background

    Viasat’s 有弹性的 network and mobile 卫星通信 systems connect those in the air, 在陆地上, and at sea with the real-time information for making critical, 瞬间的决定.

  • Man looking at computer monitors from a cybersecurity operations center

    Cyber has the power to minimize or maximize a tactical advantage within seconds. By leveraging data, warfighters can make real-time decisions based on intelligence and sensor data.


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